Where Dreams Find Direction. A life without dreams is like a GPS without a satellite. The GPS might operate, but it will lead you nowhere! Likewise, without God-given dreams to guide you, you’ll travel life’s highway searching for a destination you’ll never find. The wonderful news is that you inherited a dreaming nature from your Creator.

Whether it’s lounging in the café, studying with friends, or competing in intramural sports, life at MCU is filled with a sense of community. You’ll be in a multi-cultural atmosphere, surrounded by believers from all over the world. This creates an environment where people can grow together and enjoy the fellowship of others who share a passion to serve Jesus.

You are defined by what you give your heart to. God’s history-makers all carry the same defining factor: they are relentless in their pursuit of a deep and worshipful relationship with Him. At Christ For The Nations Institute, we desire to create such a passion—a thirst for His presence that cannot be quenched. Everything we do starts and ends with worship.

For teaching to be both life giving and dream directing, it must be biblical, yet practical; relevant, yet anointed. The Bible-based teaching at MCU is all of this and more. Our courses are broad in their scope—from basic discipleship to in-depth theology, and our teachers are diverse in their gifting—from seasoned fathers and mothers to qualified instructors.

About us

We are a non-governmental educational organization, nonprofit, formed by a team of highly trained men and women in the theological-ministerial, teaching area We offer the opportunity for each student, anywhere in the world, to initiate or continue their studies at a higher theological-ministerial nivel.

MCU offers a wide variety of courses and programs for the development of each of our students, which through a comprehensive system can identify their ministries in the work of God and can serve effectively in churches and outside them.

Distance is not an obstacle. In the place where you are, through the distance learning programs, MCU you can take up training and training you need.

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